College Readiness

College Prep Course-taking Improves

A college education is important for many jobs and can lead to increased earning power, better health, a stronger workforce, and societal benefits. On average, earnings rise in step with education levels, resulting in benefits to the individual through increased personal income and discretionary spending, and to the community through increased tax receipts. Voter participation is associated with higher levels of education, as is participation in exercise, volunteerism and activities that support the community. A college education supplies students with the varied skills needed to boost the local economy, be prepared to compete in the global economy, and have a solid foundation for future academic and career pursuits. Progress towards increased college preparedness is measured by the number
of public high school graduates who have fulfilled minimum course requirements to be eligible for admission to University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) campuses. Also measured are average SAT scores among high schools students and 11th grade performance on English language arts and math assessments.