Health Care Access

Rate of Uninsured Drops Significantly

Individuals who have health insurance and a usual source of care are more likely to seek routine health care and take advantage of preventative health screening services than those without such coverage. The result is a healthier population and more cost-effective health care. Delaying or not receiving needed medical care may result in more serious illness, increased complications, and longer hospital stays. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more people are receiving access to health care; however, a regional shortage of doctors, particularly primary care physicians, may restrict timely access to care. This indicator measures the percentage of residents without health insurance coverage, the number of residents per primary care physician, and whether residents have a usual source of care or delayed care. Also shown is Medi-Cal enrollment.

How is San Bernardino County Doing?

Health insurance coverage has improved significantly with the full implementation of the ACA:

  • In 2014, 13.8% of San Bernardino County residents were uninsured, a drop of more than five percentage points since 2013, when 19.0% of residents were uninsured.
  • However, this proportion of uninsured is still higher than the United States (11.7%) and California (12.4%). Compared to peers, San Bernardino County is in the mid-range.
  • Residents in the category “other” (which includes American Indian and Alaska Native alone, some other race alone, or two or more races) were the racial or ethnic group most likely to be uninsured (19%).
  • When broken out by household income, those with incomes in the lower range ($25,000- $49,999) were the most likely to be uninsured (19%).
  • 30% of those with less than a high school diploma were uninsured, compared to only 7% of those with a college degree.
  • At 19% each, young adults (ages 18-24 years old) and adults (ages 25-64) were the age groups most likely to be uninsured.
  • 4% of young children, under age six, were uninsured.