Leading Causes of Death for Children Under Five

Child Deaths Increase but Long-Term Trend is Downward

Awareness of the leading causes of death for children can lead to intervention strategies to help prevent mortality. Many of these deaths are preventable through preconception health care, early and ongoing prenatal care, and outreach to parents and caregivers. This indicator measures the leading causes of death for infants less than one year old and children ages one through four in San Bernardino County. The rates of death from all causes for children from birth through four years of age in San Bernardino County are also compared to selected California counties.

Leading Causes of Death for Infants and Young Children

San Bernardino County, 2013
Infants (Under Age One)
Cause of DeathNumber of Deaths
Maternal Pregnancy Complications Affecting Newborn34
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome33
Prematurity/Low Birth Weight25
Congenital Defects of Circulatory System13
Chromosomal Abnormalities10
Congenital Defects of Musculoskeletal System8
Congenital Defects of Nervous System6
Blood Infection5
Infections (Perinatal)5
Assault (Homicide)5
All Other Causes29

Young Children (Ages 1-4)

Cause of DeathNumber of Deaths
Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood4
Assault (Homicide)2
Cerebral Palsy2
All other causes12