Rail and Bus Ridership Decline

The ability of residents and workers to move efficiently within San Bernardino County contributes to a higher quality of life and a more prosperous business climate. An effective public transit system is essential for individuals who cannot afford, are unable, or choose not to drive a car. Having both rail and bus service is important for meeting diverse transit needs, with rail serving mostly long-distance commuters and buses primarily serving local commuters. This indicator measures ridership on the commuter rail system, as well as ridership and operating costs for San Bernardino County’s five bus systems, which offer bus service coverage to over 90% of the county’s population.

Bus System Boardings per Capita and Operating Costs

Regional Comparison, 2014
2014Boardings per CapitaCost per Trip
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority40.9$2.78
Miami-Dade Transit31.0$4.18
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas)27.7$2.22
Valley Metro (Phoenix)24.3$3.60
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System23.1$4.18
Orange County Transportation Authority16.0$3.89
Sunline Transit Agency11.1$4.54
Victor Valley Transit Authority5.2$5.03
Riverside Transit Agency5.2$4.48